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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Apple Harvestparty-Agernaes-Denmark-

Harvesting apples in denmark is an international work with Pawel Sapielak ,Jola Bajerczak, Edyta Bajerczak, Katarzyna Wiśniewska, Piotr Kiliański,Lorence and Benoit,
Peter Breekelmans,Albert (Nugget), Noni Samson as workers .

Also the farmerfamily with Henning,Marie -José, Asta and Jorgen...

Together with the neighbours and friends of the farmerfamily we meet on a harvestparty.... an old tradition which is still living----
some are absent some are present.

Together we try to work and come from far away to get our dreams come true

As workers we want to enjoy life, work hard , pick apples all day long in rain , sunshine and cold and we like a good salary.

Alle Sammen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!