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Tuesday, December 03, 2019

cocina solar de copenhagen


Horno solar de Copenhague
Me gusta el diseño simple y efectivo, buscando alternativas por el costo llegamos a la próxima:
El horno hecho de láminas reciclado del televisor plano para tener láminas de plástico, encima pegar papel de aluminio, pegado con engrudo de harina o yuca.
La lamina para portar el olla será de botellas de plástico pegado con cinta transparente, para lisar la botella de plástico se pasa por el fuego con tapa encima hasta la botella  se pone lisa. Cortar y pegar con cinta adhesiva, tamaño de 13 – 14 cm en altura.  3 Botellas lisas ya dan para una olla.- (Lamina de Haines)
Encima la olla se pone un plato de comer  transparente -tuong tan-, para tener una horneada  más eficiente,  el plato sirve para servir comida al mismo tiempo.

The Copenhagen solar kitchen.
I like the simple and effective design, looking for cost alternatives we come to the next design:
The oven is made from laminates coming from the flat television set, on which we glue the aluminum foil, glued with glue from starch or yucca.
The laminate which carries the pan is made from plastic bottles joined by transparent tape, to flat out a plastic bottle pass it rolling in the hands over the fire –gas or wood – closed with the tap, resulting in a flattened bottle. Cut and glue with transparent tape so you get laminates from 13-14 cm high. 3 bottles taped together work for one pan.(Haines Sleeve)
On top off the pot you put a glass foodplate -tuong tan- to have a more efficient cooking process, the plate is also useful for serving food.

Peter Breekelmans, Bolivia 3rd off December 2019

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Al - Jana festival libanon

 Por medio de clown me in tenia el placer de trabajar en el al-jana festival. muy buenas artistas , grande pueblo libanes , palestino y siria, un gesto de paz gracias al  dios,universo.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Clown Me In - lebanon


puppeteers in syria

sao paulo

preparing the suitcase

planning the tour , i imagine what can we do, what and where we like to act ? 

 Pictures from the clown me in tour in lebanon and the al jana festival ... 1 show in sao paulo, 14  in lebanon, schools, public spaces , refugeecamps-kayani foundation schools, orphanage- About 1000 kids, youngsters , women and men benefitted the pleasure off laughing, thanks to your generosity and to the clowns Tiff WearYara AsmarYassin MsallakhFeras HatemSabine ChoucairHisham Abou Nasr Assaad , Peter Breekelmans,Stephanie SotiryRawad Andraos,Abir FAkhryNidal RandaViveva LetempsDima Nachawi ,layla,the people from the al jana festival, specially clown hussein al -abdalah,  salim and hisham, thanks to  the work off the 2 puppeteers in syria.

Main expenses : in totally there came from family,friends and simpatisers and the al-jana festival 2235,84 dollar, in transport and renting a room in beyrut was spend 1393 dollar, 442,84  was spend in living expenses in lebanon and underway, left over is 200 dollar which will go to repairing my monocycle. which broke in tyr.

With this group of artists there's a great future for lebanon, the arabic culture is an amazing way off living and looking at the world,chukran  thank you very much and  most important i feel very happy with all the smiles and stars in the eyes.